Fort Lewis Army Post Review (3)

Base Name:  Ft Lewis WA

Base Location: Tacoma, WA

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present)


What is housing like?

On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.)

Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

Off post near base- unsafe neighborhoods, looks horrible, scared to even drive through some places!

We lived further away in Puyallup but finally could not afford it any longer. Was 1200 a month plus utilities and the drive was a bit on gas.

On post- I do like our housing; some of the even newer buildings are beautiful. Wish every place came standard with a fence though.

Save up your money for deposits!!

Rate the PX & Commissary.

Yes it is cheaper than going off post but would love the commissary to explain that “surcharge” that sure looks like tax.

Activities on base?

I always here about something going on.

Active Spouses Club?

I am sure there are but I stay away from them. Drama is in the water here.

Things to do in area?

I would visit the mountains, the aquariums, and the parks. Lots for families.

School System?

So-so. I have seen better. But what choice do you have? ½ day school is ridiculous though.

Any colleges in area?


Jobs? (on post and off)

Not sure, I work from home.

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?

Scenery is beautiful

Least favorite aspect?

This base is a horrible duty station.

Local websites? (base, chamber, newspaper, schools, etc.)

Local thrift website.

Any other tips?

Do not choose this base unless you have no other choice. The “support” here is drab, the women here are drama and trouble, and always putting their personal lives on the local website (hence I did not link you). It is the worse duty station ever. We would never come back and never recommend it to anyone with children. The high price to live here is crazy. Another person’s review said to save 3-4 thousand dollars for down payments, she was correct. We arrived with 6,000 $ and it took all of that to get housing and rent a car to even view the houses. This base does not help with move in or deposits. You arrive and you are on your own. Horrible base!!!

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  1. My husband just got orders to ft lewis on april 01, we plan on staying on post us and our 2 kids until maybe we find something we’d like off post , id like to do some research on that first. He is E4 and i was wondering can we get on the list for housing now some are available in 60 or 90 days..or do we have to wait until he reports there in april to even get on the list.

  2. All i hear is spouses complaining about how bad the post is… I’m stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX where this place is pure HELL… Every post is different and not everyone is going to like it..

    1. We are retired Army and retired Civil Service. If my husband was still active duty and got orders for Lewis, I would insist
      that he go AWOL! The Commissary is always filthy, so you have to go to McChord AFB. People in Washington are rude beyond
      anyone’s imagination. They cannot drive. It rains almost every day. Too many people on Lewis, too. Seems like every woman
      you see is preggers. Madigan Hospital is not clean and to get a prescription filled, you can sit and wait for two or three hours
      (at least) just to get to the windows, where they take another hour to type up the bottles. No organization in any office at all.
      If you plan to buy a house, the cost is very high, and the houses are not put together well at all. Walls are crooked; doors do not
      fit properly, etc.; and you will never re-coup what you pay for a house here.

  3. My husband and I just stationed here for his first duty spot… And we haven’t even been here two months and I hate it! I’m from the south, so I know hospitality and welcome when I see it! Fort Lewis has so many rude people it’s unreal… I mean would it be to hard to smile every now and again! The nicest person I have come in contact with is my hair dresser! Sad.. Right? I’m not even wanting to join FRG because of the horrific feeling I get from this place..
    Housing isn’t as bad as people think… Yeah we live in Lakewood and have no problems here.. No town is going to be absolutely perfect! Especially in a state as free minded as this one! There are nice parts of town than there are bad ones. And spending every waking moment looking for an apartment is unreal.. I would know. But nothing you find will be perfect!
    I’m a very easy person to please, I’m from Oklahoma of course I am. But either way. My husband is only a PFC, and he wanted to live on base, but I refused due to not feeling comfortable around these people.. I feel more comfortable in Lakewook and Tacoma than I do in the PX.. But on the bright side the view is great!

    1. Really? i actually feel more comfortable here that in Fort Lee….and i’ve actully met ppl here lol i live in lakewood to n is not that bad… Best of luck 🙂

    2. I live in fort lee now, we’ve been here three years. Hubby is currently in South Korea and will be home in 6 months. We are considering lewis. I hate fort lee! He is e-5 we have three kids, I keep hearing a lot of bad things, but he’s been dieing to live there.

  4. My Fiancee and I got this as his FDS in May. We are planning on getting married beforehand, but then having a ceremony back in our hometown… this ceremony and reception has been planned for 8 months now. I’m worried that they wont give him the weekend off to have our “wedding” does anyone have experience with this? Also, we have no children, but we do have 2 dogs, are there any places that are better with pets than others? We have never done this before and are very nervous. Is there a way to get our name on a list for housing before we get there? We were not aware that we would need so much money for deposits, etc and paying for a wedding is not helping that, is there a way for us to get a place off post before we get there so that we have a place to move in to in May? Any and all advice or recommendations would be helpful and appreciated! Thanks!

    1. If he talks to his sargents and ask permision with time normaly they dont have a problem with that…. http://jblmc.com/ in this page u can get information for the housing but everything is tru a list but u can always rent a aparment for a few monts and then move i know that were i live is in Lakewood Pacific walk apartments and ppl say is dangerous but i havent have any problems n they let u have small or big dogs at sometimes they have specials for 2 bedroom apartment is 850 but im paying 700 so is not bad

  5. My husband is currently stationed in Korea and have received verbal orders to Ft. Lewis. The kids and I are at Ft. Hood. He is due back in June and I’m guessing we will be reporting by the end of summer. He is an E-8, we have 3 kids, and 2 dogs so we need housing as soon as possible. Our 2 oldest will be attending college there so we need information on colleges in the area as well as elementary school info. We also need information on employment opportunities. We have been at Ft. Hood 9 years and are looking forward to the move.

  6. I move to lakewood on december 2012 and is not that bad the only thing is that my husband has to wake up early to go to pt and is horrible for gas…because we lived im lakewood the rent is not that bad but everyone says that lakewood is dangerous ppl say that the best place to live is in Dupont….the base is not that bad and i’ve met alot of ppl true fort lewis FB i actually like this base more than fort lee!

  7. My husband is stationed to Fort Lewis for our first move….i plan to live on base, but was wondering if anyone could tell me about the neighborhoods within the base??? Hillside, McChord, and Parkway have the shortest waiting list. Are any of these good? Or better than the other? And why? Thank you guys so much 🙂

    1. people say they are ok but you have to adjust yourself …
      we will be living on Meriwether side that’s a new development but when ever you move in just put your name on the list again for the next 6 month …

  8. My husband will be stationed there in september. This will be mine n my kids first time going to a duty station with him. Any advice on what to expect or information on how the base is such as kid activities, the community, etc would be grestly appreciated!!

  9. Hi my name is Demi and I just move here in April SO WE HAVE RENT A4 BDR SINGLE FAMILY HOME IN OLYMPIA FOR $1495.00 DEPOSIT WAS $1000.00 ….we where

    living in Olympia ,but I didn’t like it so I went and put my name on the ,.on post housing list …
    yes they will tell you there is waiting period of 6/1 year ;.they told me on the new houses , so we still place our name on the list and we were call with in 2weeek ,stated that we are approve for one of the new house!!!!! so we will be moving in July …I like the base housing because you will save$$$$$$ you have free pool every thing is there for you and your family .,but just be nice with them ……..
    YES EVERY WERE YOU GO THERE IS DRAMA IF YOU ASSOCIATE YOUR SELF WITH IT ….just be positive be there for your spouse an d your family ,just be YOURSELF…. we are grown people so we should attract that among our self ,because every were we go there are different type of people BLACK WHITE ASAIN FREANCH ARAB YOU NAME IT!! WE JUST HAVE TO BE CIVIL ….people can lived anywhere but they have to adjusts remember we are married to the military and we just have to be supportive to our spouse and be focus for the sake of them …..

  10. Hello,
    My name is Tiffani, my husband and I are scheduled to report to Ft. Lewis Nov 11th, 2013. I am thankful to be able to read everyone’s comments. I will admit that starting at the top of this comment list scared the BA-JESUS out of me!! We are trying to sell our home in Lawton, OK, and that comes at a price. Reading about the heavy deposits and rental rates caused me to panic. I’m glad I continued to read and found some of you that enjoy living there. The information on the Rainier Inn was great! We already made reservations and have been looking not only at post quarters but also in the communities suggested. Wow, they are pricey but I it’s good to know what you are walking into.

    I am an army brat and truly believe it’s all about what you make of your duty station. Moving from Lawton, which is in the middle of nowhere with even less to do, I am so excited to hear about all the things to do in WA!! I am excited about getting involved on post, the FRG here does it’s best but struggles to get people involved. Women who like drama tend to attract that same type, I steer clear of that, but still hope to make some good friends 😉

    I will definitely put my experience on here as we make our move. Thank you all for sharing your experiences both good and bad 😉

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