Fort Lewis Army Post Review (3)

Base Name:  Ft Lewis WA

Base Location: Tacoma, WA

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present)


What is housing like?

On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.)

Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

Off post near base- unsafe neighborhoods, looks horrible, scared to even drive through some places!

We lived further away in Puyallup but finally could not afford it any longer. Was 1200 a month plus utilities and the drive was a bit on gas.

On post- I do like our housing; some of the even newer buildings are beautiful. Wish every place came standard with a fence though.

Save up your money for deposits!!

Rate the PX & Commissary.

Yes it is cheaper than going off post but would love the commissary to explain that “surcharge” that sure looks like tax.

Activities on base?

I always here about something going on.

Active Spouses Club?

I am sure there are but I stay away from them. Drama is in the water here.

Things to do in area?

I would visit the mountains, the aquariums, and the parks. Lots for families.

School System?

So-so. I have seen better. But what choice do you have? ½ day school is ridiculous though.

Any colleges in area?


Jobs? (on post and off)

Not sure, I work from home.

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?

Scenery is beautiful

Least favorite aspect?

This base is a horrible duty station.

Local websites? (base, chamber, newspaper, schools, etc.)

Local thrift website.

Any other tips?

Do not choose this base unless you have no other choice. The “support” here is drab, the women here are drama and trouble, and always putting their personal lives on the local website (hence I did not link you). It is the worse duty station ever. We would never come back and never recommend it to anyone with children. The high price to live here is crazy. Another person’s review said to save 3-4 thousand dollars for down payments, she was correct. We arrived with 6,000 $ and it took all of that to get housing and rent a car to even view the houses. This base does not help with move in or deposits. You arrive and you are on your own. Horrible base!!!

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  1. My husband has five more weeks in AIT and we were just told we are going to Fort Lewis. My husband and I are both 20 and I have no idea at all what I need to do before we go up there. From all the reviews it sounds terrible but if anyone is willing to help and give me some advise or direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  2. I think the state is absolutely beautiful, but I’m not fan of being stationed here. Every duty station we’ve been to it was always easy meeting people and having friendships but a lot of people seem stuck up so I really don’t even try. It’s nice to explore and do different things on the weekends. They have hiking on Mt. Rainer, zoo, gig harbor, children’s museums, free animal farms, inside bounce houses, and a few other really cool things. The out door rec you can rent a boat and hang out on American lake right on post! Its a beautiful state!

  3. I have a relative who is stationed at Fort Lewis and he never got the Christmas package we went him, despite the US Post Office showing Priority Mail delivery on December 21. This is not the first time this has happened, and I hear from other family members who contacted the USPS at their 98433 zipcode, that mail OFTEN doesn’t get properly picked up or delivered to our soldiers there, once someone from the Base picks it up from the US Postal Service office. Does anyone else know anything about this problem there, with the mail, or have experience with the same ….? Or how to get it fixed? We didn’t send much of a package, but did want him to receive it, especially at Christmastime, to let him know we were thinking of him — and we did pay for Priority Mail so it would reach him for Christmas, but it still is missing (and today is January 5). Thank you. – K

  4. off post suggests for fort Lewis. My husband and I moved here and with only 3 days to find a place to live (on post wait was over 4 months) we took the first apartment we saw. Bad decision to say the least. Right now we live in Tacoma and I hate it. I’ve looked at DuPont but my husband being an E3 the prices are to high for us to have any spending money left over. Looking for somewhere with a 30 minute drive or less to Fort lewis main. I love living off post for the space and pocketing a little BAH but every apartment I’ve looked at has mixed reviews and being a new renter it’s a little unnerving so if anyone’s been stationed here or is now and lives off post I would love to know where is a good place for a 2 people military family! Thanks

  5. This is the year 2018 and Real Estate prices exploded skywards. Thank you Amazon. Folks from Seattle started to move down here. Good look in finding anything below $300k. Traffic is the 3rd worst in the nation. Only Boston and LA are worse. Try to live on Base. If you have to live off Base, good luck. Rent for one-bedroom apartments start at $1,000/month. Stand alone houses rent starts at $1,800/month. Basically, this area became a nightmare. Completely and utterly overcrowded. Thank you digital revolution!

    Yes, we love to have you, but leave your car at home, Please.

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