Ft Drum Army Post Review

1. Your name (as you would like it to appear): Ashley

2. Army Post Name: Ft Drum

3. Army Post Location: Watertown, NY

4. Dates When You Lived Here (please include year): Nov. 09- July 10

5. How is housing? On-post? Off-post? Housing off post is ridiculously expensive and the utilities are even worse so I would def. recommend getting on post if possible. The further away you go from post the cost goes down but you also have to consider that 30 min drive in several feet of snow. We lived about 20 min away in Philadelphia and paid $1015 for a small 3bdrm apt but our gas bill was $400 a month because of heating cost and no air or fans in summer and you still have other utilities to consider so it is very likely you will go over BAH.

6. Rate the PX and Commissary. The PX is very nice and the commissary was ok but they have odd hours.

7. Are there activities on post? Is there lodging on post? There is lodging on post but you have to book early. There are alot of activities on post.

8. What is there to do in the area? There are boat tours in Alexandria Bay, tours of castles, wineries, several water systems, ski hills, etc. There is plenty to do but you have limited months to do it in because of the weather.

9. Rate the school system. My kids didn’t go to school here.

10. Are there colleges in the area? Please list. SUNY

11. How is the job situation? What types of jobs are in the area for spouses? Very limited jobs both on and off post.

12. Favorite aspect of the post and surrounding area? I love the community feeling here.

13. Least favorite aspect? The very tempermental weather. It is snowy and cold ALOT. I have been in 30 degree weather one day and the next day it is 80+ and then back to 40.

14. List any local websites.


15. Any other tips or information? The spouses are very close knit here and there is plenty to do if you just get out and do it and socialize.

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