Ft Jackson Army Post Review (2)

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Kasey Tanner

Base Name: Ft. Jackson

Base Location:

Columbia, SC

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present)

2009- present (2010)

What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

Due to the fact that housing is older and not very nice not a lot of people want to live on post there really isn’t a waiting list.. Balfour Beatty has taken over and has built a lot of new housing, however that goes to people that are living in the areas to be demolished. I actually lived in the old housing- which is not roomy, the backyard was small and we had a lot of problems with the house in general. Now I have been moved into the newer housing and it’s a dream come true! It’s a lot bigger with a garage. Off post, I’m not sure. I don’t know anyone who lives off post. Average rent is about 800-1200 for a nice house. Apartments are about 650.

Rate the PX & Commissary.

The PX is nice and big but crowded most of the time. I try to stay clear of it from Thursday to Saturday because of basic training graduation. Inside the PX is the pharmacy refill, vision center, UPS, barber shop, hair and nail salon, many different vendors and a Game Stop. Food is Taco Bell, Burger King, and Chinese. Anthony’s and Charley’s plus a Cinnabon. The Commissary is nice, fast checkout. They have a great variety and I can usually find everything I need.

Activities on base?

There is so much to do on post! We have a water park and 4 gyms. The main gym offers unlimited aerobics classes for only 20 a month! The gym also has a daycare area for minimal costs. Our MWR offers cabins, campers, boats and almost any other outdoor activity you can think of. There are horse stables on post. We have Skies which is all the kids activities- and there are a lot! Movie Theater.

Active Spouses Club?

A spouses club…I don’t know. We do have At Ease though. It pretty much is a spouses group. We get together once a month and do fun stuff like basket bingo, Army wife Olympics and other things of this sort. FREE child care is provided at the CDC which is right next door.

Things to do in area?

We have tons of malls: Village at Sandhills, Columbia Centre and 3 other that I can’t remember the names of. The state fair is held in Columbia. Colonial Life area is located in Columbia which houses the circus, concerts, wrestling, Disney on ice and live. 5 points is a “club” area. This is a college town so there are lots of places for adults to go out to. Edventure is a children’s museum…amazing! The state museum. Riverbanks Zoo. Monkey Joes, Leapin Lizards. Drive Inn movie theater.

School System?

I can definitely vouch for Pierce Terrace Elementary. It is the school on post for K-1. The teachers are phenomenal. They teach so well and are so sweet. The staff and even the principal really care about children and their education. They truly amaze me.

Any colleges in area?

Univerity of South Carolina

Midlines Tech

University of Phoenix

Jobs? (on post and off)

On post is the same as anywhere- aafes, commissary, NAF jobs. Off post is also pretty similar, stores, hospitals, many of the same things that are offered in all cities.

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?

I like it cause it’s a city but also kind of country. It’s not as fast paced as a normal city and I like that. It’s also pretty easy to get around. The post is fairly easy to navigate and people are always willing to help.

Least favorite aspect?

Family day and graduation day for basic trainees. This is EVERY Thursday and Friday. You can’t go anywhere, the whole post is congested.

Local websites? (base, chamber, newspaper, schools, etc.)

https://jackson.armymwr.com/ (gym, child care, travel, mwr)

https://www.dodea.edu/PierceTerraceES/ (pierce terrace school)


Any other tips?

Just like anywhere, do your research. Find stuff to do so that you enjoy your stay here.

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