Ft Lee Army Post Review (2)

1. Your name (as you would like it to appear): Ashley

2. Army Post Name: Ft Lee

3. Army Post Location: Petersburg, VA

4. Dates When You Lived Here (please include year): Oct 2008-November 2009

5. How is housing? On-post? Off-post? I was lucky to be in new housing. We were the very first tenants. The new housing is very spacious with lots of storage space and decent size rooms. The houses were put together quickly and you can tell. The stairs were seperating from the wall. Prince George is a good area, Colonial Heights is okay but of course has some rougher areas. I would flat out stay away from Petersburg.

6. Rate the PX and Commissary. PX is always crowded with AIT students and out of stuff and things were the same with the PXtra but they were renovating the PXtra when I left so things may have changed. Commissary was okay but not that big of a selection so you would save more by going off post and getting off brands.

7. Are there activities on post? Is there lodging on post? There is lodging on post but it was usually full of people coming to visit AIT students. There wasn’t alot as far as activities on post because AIT greatly outnumbers permanent party.

8. What is there to do in the area? I loved the area because you could drive a few hours in any direction and be at the beach, mountains, etc. I also loved the foilage in fall. The zoo was pretty pathetic given the size of Richmond. Alot of history related things to do in the area though.

9. Rate the school system. My kids weren’t school age yet.

10. Are there colleges in the area? Please list. N/A

11. How is the job situation? What types of jobs are in the area for spouses? It is all mainly retail and fast food and even still it is hard to get those.

12. Favorite aspect of the post and surrounding area? My favorite part was that there are 4 seasons and the foilage in fall is beautiful. There is so much to do if you are willing to drive an hour or two. My husband had a very family friendly schedule here and that is even being in 3 different units.

13. Least favorite aspect? The way things are run. The soldier will come home very unhappy and they treat all soldiers like they are AIT students regardless if they are permanent party or not.

14. List any local websites.


15. Any other tips or information? Enjoy the schedule while you can and take in all the history that surrounds you.

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