Ft Richardson Army Post Review (2)

1. Your name (as you would like it to appear):
2. Army Post Name:
JBER—AKA–Ft. Richardson
3. Army Post Location:
4. Dates When You Lived Here (please include year):
11/08 to 7/10
5. How is housing? On-post? Off-post?
Our BAH is 1470.00 off post starting at around 1500.00 for two bedroom
6. Rate the PX and Commissary.
It serves it’s purpose, no complaints.
7. Are there activities on post? Is there lodging on post?
We do have a lot of activities during the summer, not so much during the winter. There is lodging on post.
8. What is there to do in the area?
Not a lot unless you are into outdoor activities like camping, fishing, skiing or mt climbing.
9. Rate the school system.
Very good schools on post, I can’t say the same for off post.
10. Are there colleges in the area? Please list.
There is AU and a few smaller tech schools.
11. How is the job situation? What types of jobs are in the area for spouses?
I don’t work so I can’t really say either way on that one.
12. Favorite aspect of the post and surrounding area?
Very beautiful surroundings.
13. Least favorite aspect?
Not a lot to do other than outdoor activities.
14. List any local websites.
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  1. Hi! We just left Ft Richardson and I have some info people may find useful. How do I get this information to you?

  2. Wow, we are on our way to Richardson and all of these reviews are great. My husband and I are going back and forth weather to live on or off. We can not tranfer our car so we will be without a car untill we can purchase a new one in Anchorage. We are cali born and raised and quite nervous about the move. (He is there already and were waitig to get cleared to go) Ive never lived in snow so driving and what to wear for snow conditions or on my things to do list.

    Like I said this was helpfull! WIsh there was more.

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