Ft Rucker Army Post Review (2)

1. Your name (as you would like it to appear): Tina

2. Army Post Name: Fort Rucker

3. Army Post Location: Alabama

4. Dates When You Lived Here (please include year): June 2010 – July 2010 (expected to be here until 2012)

5. How is housing? On-post? Off-post?  We live on-post.  The houses are nice.  They are in the midst of getting them all renovated at updated.  There are club houses and pools in all of the neighborhoods as well as lawn care, pest control, etc. all provided just like you’d expect from a HOA type residence.  The only downside to living on post is that the helicopters fly over all hours of the night and it takes a little getting used to since it will wake you up the first few weeks you are here.

6. Rate the PX and Commissary. The commissary is great.  Good selection and great prices.  The PX is a little small with limited selection but still has most necessities.

7. Are there activities on post? Is there lodging on post?  Activities include a lake with water sports and boat rentals available, equestrian center offering riding lessons, movie theater, bowling alley, chapel, restaurant/bar, water park, and probably a few others I haven’t gotten around to exploring yet.  Army lodging is available in a renovated “hotel” (what looks like they used to be old barracks) and also at the lake they have two types of cabins available.

8. What is there to do in the area?  Fort Rucker is surrounded by 3 very small, rural towns.  Enterprise is the biggest of the three and has a few small movie theaters (2 screens each), indoor ranges, and some restaurants. In Daleville there are some very good “country” restaurants.  And in Ozark you have to drive pretty far to get to anything.  Dothan, a larger city, is about 30 minutes away and has a mall, more big chain restaurants, movie theaters, etc. (typical of a good size town).

9. Rate the school system.  We do not have school age children.

10. Are there colleges in the area? Troy University is a few towns away.

11. How is the job situation? What types of jobs are in the area for spouses?  Jobs are scarce and low-paying.  Lots of restaurant jobs and real estate office jobs, but the pay is low.

12. Favorite aspect of the post and surrounding area?  The people are very friendly here and hardly anyone will pass by without waving or saying hello.

13. Least favorite aspect?  There is not a lot to do most of the time.

14. List any local websites.  dotanmeetup.com

15. Any other tips or information?  Keep and open mind and you’ll be sure to find something here that makes you happy.

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  1. I was wondering about the schools in the surrounding areas, like the middle schools.If I could get a idea which one is the best. comments,etc….

  2. I was wondering about the surrounding middle schools, any suggestion which one is best, comments or reviews…

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