Living at Ft Campbell Review

1. Your name (as you would like it to appear): Jessica
2. Army Post Name: Fort Campbell
3. Army Post Location: KY
4. Dates When You Lived Here (please include year):Jan 2011-Present
5. How is housing? On-post? Off-post?:We live in an apt off post. There are many great apt communities in the area but had we known the housing market we would’ve definitely rented or purchased a home. Building  a house in Clarksville, TN is extremely cheap for pretty decent quality.
6. Rate the PX and Commissary. Good, but lack of product.
7. Are there activities on post? Is there lodging on post? Activites on post are awesome, very developed. Lodging on post is nice as well but more costly than other posts I.E. HI , AZ, WA, and KY-Knox.
8. What is there to do in the area? Beachhaven Winery– Jazz on the Lawn, Nashville is amazing fun i.e. Broadway, Green hills, many great wineries and historic landmarks as well as the Grand Ol Opry. Lastly Blackhorse brewery is the most non-cookie cutter restaurant in the area with great food.
9. Rate the school system. Rossview is the best and NorthEast high is supposedly the best HS.
10. Are there colleges in the area? Please list. Austin Peay State University, many community and online colleges as well as Vanderbilt in Nashville.
11. How is the job situation? What types of jobs are in the area for spouses? Many real-estate, property management, hospital, retail, school district and contractor jobs in the area. Hemlock is a another dominating employment market here.
12. Favorite aspect of the post and surrounding area? Clarksville is very diverse and not predominately military feels more like a small town than a military town.
13. Least favorite aspect? Small town and southern, I’m from the north– very different work ethic and culture. Def. a learning experience.
14. List any local websites. N/A
15. Any other tips or information? Don’t assume being military makes you obsolete in this town, it gives you an interesting perspective and there are so many opportunities here that you should def. take advantage of this.
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  1. Hello! A few years back I posted from a survey on your site about living on/near post @FortCampbell and as I’m in the process of being hired for a gov’t posit, which requires my name to be stricken from searches linked to the Army, Im writing to request that my original post be removed. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can put forward in helping this happen. Here is the URL link to the original post needing to be removed (or if my full name can be removed, that’s fine also): https://marriedtothearmy.com/tag/ft-campbell/
    Thank you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to expedite the removal of my name from the site. Have a wonderful day and keep up the great blogging!

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