Living the Army Life as Dual Military

by SFC Robin Broadway

Military members/Soldiers and Families:

I am writing in regarding to being a dual military family. Since time began in the military it was always said to be if the military wanted you to have a spouse they would have issued you one. What a statement. I am married to a military member and it’s tough. You have to understand what each other’s command is all about before you can begin to understand your role at the partner. Once you find out what each company is about, and what your partner does in the service than you can begin to support that partner. It’s a tough road if you have no clue. So you must take the time to understand each role. My experience is that when you understand the role of each other you have a better and happier relationship. My experience is that you have to help each other in all ways possible. Determine what each can do at what time. Determine what matters most in housekeeping/children. Example who sets up the coffee for the morning, who makes the lunches for your partner and children, who is going to take the kids to and from school…it may sound like it’s ever day stuff but it is.

Understanding your partner’s career is the ultimate in having a good life together. Understand that is you partner has a high profile job that they need to be there weird or different hours than yourself a 8-5 person than you know you have to be very patient and understanding when they say hey I gotta go or Ill be late in coming home. Understand and be patient, knowing that you worked a long hard do too. Trust in your partner that they are doing everything for the family. Support your partner in their job choices as it will be better in the end when they either retire or get out. There have been hard times when married to another military person, but if you love that person everything will turn out for the best.

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