Memorial Day: Remember the Real Reason Behind the Holiday

Just a quick post as Memorial Day approaches. I shared this on my Facebook page and the response has been overwhelming so I wanted to share it here as well.

Feel free to copy, share, pin, whatever you want to do with it as long as you leave the image in tact.

I can only hope that it will make people stop and think about the importance and significance of Memorial Day.

memorial day - married to the army

Of course, this is not meant to say you can’t BBQ or spend time with friends during the holiday weekend. In fact, I think most who made the ultimate sacrifice would say they want their friends and family to enjoy this weekend.

I’m only asking that you remember WHY we have this day off and take a moment to pause during your activities to remember not only those who died but also the families they left behind.

Our Gold Star families deserve to know that their loved one is remembered. And that they have not been forgotten either as they rebuild their lives.

Taking a moment to remember is the least we can do to honor those who paid the price so we can spend this day however we please.

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