Military ID Card

Military ID Card Benefits and Advantages

The Army identification card is issued to the Army member at the same time as his dependents, which is typically his wife and children. Army identification cards are only issued to children who are 10 years or older if they’re living together with the soldier. If the soldier only has partial custody, it is possible the child shall be issued a military ID before the age of 10.

There are plenty of advantages for the military ID card. While the cards are being modified to not involve the social security number of dependents, it nevertheless includes a large amount of personal information, a lot like a driver’s license. It is important to secure the card and never misplace it.

Identification. Not surprisingly, the principle purpose with the card should be to identify the Army member and his dependents. The Army member may also be able to use his card to for accessibility purposes on certain government computers and programs.

Accessibility. The Army ID card will be requested if you are purchasing in the commissary, exchange or other areas on a military post. It could also be requested in case you are making use of the fitness center or other post facilities. In addition, the gate guards will ask for this after you attempt to drive on post. In case you are on post, you should generally have your military ID card ready.

Insurance. Tricare does send separate insurance cards if requested but most military members and dependents use their ID card to serve as their insurance card as it has the pertinent facts on the card.

Discounts. On several occasions, the military ID card will entitle the cardholder to military discounts and also other advantages at retail institutions or entertainment venues. It continually pays to ask about military discounts that happen to be offered.

Your military ID does generally has an expiration date but doesn’t need to be updated every time there’s a modification in rank.

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  1. I don’t know if I am on the right page. My husband is in active duty in Colorado. He wants me to visit his family in Germany fur the holidays. I don’t have a passport yet as I am in removal proceeding (BIA still pending) can I use my military ID or do I need a travel document. Please any help?

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