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Military ID Card Benefits and Advantages

The Army identification card is issued to the Army member at the same time as his dependents, which is typically his wife and children.

Army identification cards are only issued to children who are 10 years or older if they’re living together with the soldier.

If the soldier only has partial custody, the child may be issued a military ID before age 10.

There are plenty of advantages to the military ID card.

While the cards are being modified not to involve the social security number of dependents, it nevertheless includes a large amount of personal information, a lot like a driver’s license. It is important to secure the card and never misplace it.


Not surprisingly, the principal purpose of the card should be to identify the Army member and his dependents.

The Army member may also be able to use his card for accessibility purposes on certain government computers and programs.


The Army ID card will be requested if you purchase in the commissary, exchange, or other areas on a military post.

It could also be requested if you use the fitness center or other post facilities.

In addition, the gate guards will ask for this after you attempt to drive on the post. In case you are on post, you should generally have your military ID card ready.


Tricare does send separate insurance cards if requested, but most military members and dependents use their ID card to serve as their insurance card as it has the pertinent facts on the card.


On several occasions, the military ID card will entitle the cardholder to military discounts and also other advantages at retail institutions or entertainment venues.

It continually pays to ask about military discounts that happen to be offered.

Your military ID generally has an expiration date but doesn’t need to be updated every time there’s a rank or duty station modification.

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. My husband left for basic a week ago and we were told that I would get basically a packet in the mail with all of his info and what I need for insurance and my id and things like that. When can I expect it to arrive?

    1. I got mine a couple weeks after he left, it’s not really a packet though. It was an envelope with 3 papers, the DEERS enrollment form (what you have to take with you to get the ID), an information sheet about the steps you have to take and a paper about how people who are coming to the graduation without ID cards can get visitors passes.

  2. Dear Stacey,
    I have contacted you a month ago and wonder am I be scammed by someone I meet online and told me that he is a US soldier who is servicing at Iraq. After over 4 months of contact, I just sent out cash US1,200 – an account person who is in Turkey by Western Union. Because he is urgently need the money.

    I just reading the material from your website and realize that he contact me by Yahoo account. In fact, there is company call ” Private Military Forwarding” that I have to pay US60 – for forward the gift to the solider.

    I am not too proud of that I have been scammed . I am putting the information out as I do believe that are always nice and honest out there. However, there are people using the US army thing to scam as it is not well informed area.

    Hopefully it would be over, as for 4 months time, energy, money and a broken heart . It would time to heal.

    1. Mandy stop giving your money away. This is a total scam! I’m a 1969 draftee V/N inf Vet, 100% disabled if he is a soldier and I don’t think so, he still took your money. Report this to FBI your Web host, Windows google anyone who will listen. Sorry to hear this young lady. Put your money to a better use feed the kid’s take, care of the old. Can’t go wrong their. Send care paks that’s all they need with a note thank you.

    2. Dear Kenneth,

      Thanks for your reply, Even I myself aware that it is a scam in June. There is part of me not wanting to accept it. People would not do something like that. With your reply , it is a solid truth provide that it is a professional scam . I feel so stupid that I fall into and be misused of trust. However, it helps me to move forward with life.

      In fact, for months he has kept contacting me after the money sent out that gave me some doubt. Maybe I make an mistake as military is total different world and some of soldiers do have a hard life in the combat zone.

      The hard truth hit me strongly while he asked for another large amount of money recently again. Then I know it is100% a scam.

      Kenneth, thanks for taking the time to reply, it helps to heal the broken heart and close the chapter. Thanks again.

    3. Dear Kenneth,

      After months over the scam event, I still feel the pain and the misused. The money was a lost for sure, most of all is the ability to trust another human being.

      X’mas is at the corner and wish we all have a great life coming in soon. It is a learning lesson in life and most of all, hope those one who are servicing the country for humanity purpose be home safely to be with family and love one.

      For anyone who have been scammed and lost money, take it as a learning lesson and move on with life. There are always more decent men /women out there than the scams. Move forward with live.

      Wish all merry X’mas and happy New Year in 2012

    4. Sorry so long to get back. But if you get this just remember we all do things in life. Me when I give I do it in the name of Jesus Christ, and don’t worrie about. God will take care of the percker heads. Hope have a great life you have a good heart. with Gods love.

  3. my husband is in the navy..but he is in the “brig” (locked up)… i still get any benefits? and can i still get my military id?

  4. Hi, my husband is in Afghanistan and I am in the Philippines. We got married in my country April this year. He got back to US on May and left for Afghanistan on June. He had plans enrolling me to Deers but hadn’t been able to do that and I read on the web that to get a military ID, the spouse needs to be enrolled in Deers first. I would really like to know if I can use Power of Attorney to enroll myself in Deers like have him do it there in Afghan and send the form back to me but another problem I am seeing is I’m not in the US and I don’t know if I can do it (Deers Enrollment) in the US embassy herein the Philippines or is that possible at all? I won’t get my visa until early or middle next year, hopefully. Or should I just wait til he gets back to US next year? I really want to get a military ID. Thanks. 🙂

  5. My husband will be medically retiring in the next few months due to an ongoing medical condition. I have recently found out that he has been unfaithful, and we are going to procede with a divorce. He is pushing to go through with the divorce before his discharge… but something seems fishy about it. He wanted to reconcile until he was notified that his discharge would be comming up. I’ve searched for information on the entitlements I would have if we were still married at the time of his discharge, or if we divorced before it, but I am coming up with different information from site to site. Any advice?

  6. My ex wife just recently married someone in the army I was informed he is getting money for my son that my ex has physical custody but we have joint legal custody can he actually get benefits for my child that I pay support for

    1. It is my understanding that he isn’t getting money in the bank for your son. He is getting a bigger BAH allowance which means a bit more money for food and housing. Which is good for your son.

  7. I was told by her that he gets medical coverage as well yes I agree it is better for my son but unfair because I pay extra support for these things

  8. My daughter is married to a Army guy they have been married for a year, she has a son thats 1year old but is not his, is the baby liable for health insurance threw the Army? and she has no health insurance either, she lives with us because he says he cant afford a home for her where hes at so basically she and the baby have no home, no health insurance he lying.???

  9. I husband is going to go to AIT here soon. I was told that it was only a weekly thing, is this true? If it is would he be staying where he has the AIT on the weekends or would we need to get an apartment?

  10. Hi. i was reading your article about “fake soldiers”… well i have question,too .. if you have time to answer, i ‘ll be so happy, because i don’t know what to do … this “HE” insists to see each other,but he is in a mission… and he sends m this mssage : ” all you need to do is to just have 200Euro with you and pay to this military names to Nigeria “… and before that he sent :” honey you could order for it now and i come whenever you want”. my question is: is HE a fake or a soldier? it was very weird when he asked me for those money … is that alright ?

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