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Ask An Army Spouse: PCS Move to Germany

Moving to Germany While He’s Deployed

My soldier and I got married on R&R; he is deployed to Afghanistan and will be returning to his duty station in Germany in November. We just found out that we got housing on base. I want to get there at least a month to get the housing set up for Homecoming.

I was wondering if that was even possible for a spouse to do that without their sponsor there. And also, if it is possible, how I would go about doing it? What would I need to do once I get to the base? I’m sure I would be informed of this once they know I’ll be there prior to Homecoming but I don’t want to look like a fool.


It’s possible for you to go before he returns. However, it’s dependent on a few things.

One, you need command sponsorship. This will include getting a passport and an EFMP exam.

Two, if you aren’t included in his orders, the Army won’t pay for your move to Germany. You’ll have to foot the bill for your flight and move any belongings (this assumes he moved belongings when he moved).

You can contact the FRG in Germany, the transportation office at the nearest post, and/or the housing office in Germany for specific information.

Command Sponsorship in Germany

I have some concerns. My husband has been stationed in Baumholder, Germany for over 1 year and we started the paperwork for me to get over here in February.

Now it’s the end of July, and we just received the EFMP stamp approval. The next thing is that I’m currently in Baumholder visiting and I am wondering if with me being present will everything else such as getting housing and the command sponsorship move faster than they already have.

Also, I have read some of the other posts and noticed that a “no fee passport” has been mentioned a few times. Since I already have a passport, is that still an issue for me?

He is also scheduled to go to the field pretty soon, so with him gone is that going to hold the process up any longer? I really would like things to move along now since I’m nearing the time when I won’t be able to travel anymore due to my pregnancy.

The no-fee passport allows you to travel on military orders at the expense of the military. As you are aware, it is not generally valid for tourist travel (though I do know a few who have somehow used it for that as well – I wouldn’t advise it).

Your husband would need to go to his command and complete all of the paperwork for your command sponsorship to be approved. It may very well go through more quickly because you are there though it shouldn’t have taken a year for this to be approved.

Here’s another document on command sponsorship as well.

Timeline for Moving to Germany

Ok, my husband is currently in Germany. We were married on November 13th, and he left a week later. I already have had the physical and all my papers have been submitted to EFMP, I have my military id card, does anyone know how long it usually will take for them to cut a soldier’s orders to come home to get his spouse and move his belongings?

The entire process is generally 4-6 weeks which includes all of the paperwork and the processing that has to take place.

However, he may not necessarily be able to return to travel back to Germany with you. In all likelihood, you will travel alone and meet him in Germany since he is already there.

EFMP Exam for Germany

I am married, and my husband is in Germany. Can I still go over to Germany with him even when I have Epilepsy? I take meds to control the seizures. Or will he have to come back to the states? He is really getting down about this I am starting to worry about him

To be able to go to Germany with him, you will need to take an EFMP exam. This just determines if Germany has the medical facilities available to treat your condition and any complications that may arise from it.

If they do not, many times, orders will be changed to a duty station that can handle your medical situation. He needs to speak with his chain of command if you are not approved.

Passport for PCSing to Germany

Okay, so I am VERY new to being a military wife. My husband came home from AIT a few months ago, & is now stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany. He moved there in July. We got married when he was home after AIT.

We are really on top of paperwork & getting me out there. I have contacted someone for getting my overseas screening paperwork filled out. I got it last week & sent it & should be there today. I am already enrolled in DEERS & have my military ID (we took care of it in June).

Also, I was told I needed to have a passport, so instead of waiting for the Army to take care of it, I went to the Post Office & had it expedited to me. So now I have that already.

Once the lady receives my EFMP paperwork/ overseas screening packet etc. What happens next? I was told it is sent to somebody in Europe. Then my husband receives command sponsor orders, sets up a date for the movers to come & buys my plane ticket. Am I missing any checkpoints I have to do? I’d appreciate the help since I’d like to get things rolling asap!

Did you get a no-fee passport or a tourist passport? You will need the no-fee to travel on military orders, and you will need a tourist passport for any leisure travel once you arrive.

Other than that, it sounds like you are on top of things. Hopefully, the sponsorship will go through quickly, and you can join your husband. Good luck!

Moving to Germany Before a Deployment

My husband is currently stationed in Vilseck, Germany. In April, I was supposed to move with him, and I decided to back out.

He is going to be deployed in a few weeks. Is it still too late for our daughter and me to move, and will the army help us with the expenses? If we still could move… what would my husband need to do about getting us there ASAP?

You will need to check with the transportation office about arranging the move for you. You will also need to ensure you and your daughter have EFMP exams and get no-fee passports before traveling to Germany.

The transportation office should be able to tell you everything you will need to do. Regarding getting there before he deploys, it depends on how much prep work you already have done.

I know some who have been able to make it work very quickly, whereas, with others, it took more than a month.

My FIANCE is Being Stationed in Germany

Hi, my boyfriend is in basic for infantry. They told him he will be stationed in Germany! So we were going to get engaged within the next year or so. I will move where his base was then get married whenever (hadn’t planned that part yet). But everything is a little confusing now that he is going to Germany instead of staying in the USA. 

I have no idea how I would move there or if I even should, plus I have 2 cats, and I’m guessing they don’t let cats in the houses/apartments on base. Any suggestions, advice, or how-to-dos would be appreciated.


To move to an overseas post, you will need command sponsorship. For Germany, this is a fairly simple process.

You will need an EFMP physical to ensure that the medical facilities available in Germany can handle any medical issues that you may have. You will also need to apply for a no-fee passport. This may take a few weeks to receive – it seems to vary how long it takes to receive it.

Since you will be getting married after he has already moved to Germany, you won’t be included in his orders. Therefore, you will be responsible for your travel arrangements and moving expenses to Germany.

When the next move comes around, and you are on his orders, the Army will cover the costs of the move.

Other things to consider include getting your military ID after getting married and enrolling in Tricare. It sounds overwhelming, but it really isn’t that bad.

You will be allowed to take your pets with you as the Army typically allows two pets to live in on post housing (with certain breed restrictions). As far as I can find, no quarantine is required for taking pets into Germany, but they must be up to date on all shots, including rabies.

Good luck with it all!

Marrying a Soldier Stationed in Germany

I have a few questions…..Ok, well, let me start off with my fiancé is in basic training and will be done at the end of April.

After graduation, he will get to come home for about 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks, he will be stationed in Germany for 2 years. We plan to get married when he returns for those 2 weeks. Okay, my question is, will his pay increase when we are married?

I’m currently still in high school. I don’t plan to go to Germany with him until I graduate. Can I wait until I graduate to move with him to Germany? And around what time should we start the paperwork for me to move to Germany with him if I want to leave right after graduation?

What will I need to have and do before then? Basically, I want all the paperwork done by June so I can leave for Germany as soon as possible!

We are both of legal age – I’m 18, and he’s 18 going on 19 in June and we are sure about getting married and me moving with him anywhere he goes if the army allows me to do so. 



To go to Germany with him, you will need command sponsorship. For Germany, this is not very difficult to obtain.

The biggest consideration will be how much time he has left in Germany when you want to join him. I would allow an absolute minimum of a month to get all the paperwork together so you can move with him.

Also, if you were not originally on his orders to go to Germany, the Army will not pay for you to go to Germany (in almost all cases). You will need to plan for this to cover any expenses associated with the move.

When you are married, his base pay does not increase. However, he does become eligible for either a housing allowance or housing on post.

If you choose to stay in the states and he lives in the barracks or housing in Germany, it would be up to his commander whether he is granted geographical bachelor status, which would enable him to have his housing paid for there and allow him to receive a housing allowance for you back in the states.

Married soldiers are also granted BAS, which is basically a food allowance.

Good luck with finishing high school and the move.

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. My husband just got his orders for Bamberg, Germany. I’m in his orders because we were married before he even joined the Army. Im pregnant and due around the time we are suppose to PCS there (MAY). He isn’t sure on the exact dates as of right now, because they have to take Airborne out of his orginal orders. Either way I can’t travel before the due date if that so happens to be what it comes down too. So if we can’t travel to Germany together, will the Military still pay for me to join him at a later date or will the expenses come out of our own pocket? Any information will be so helpful. This is our first PCS and pregnancy. So finding out as much as we can is a blessing. Thank you for you time!

  2. My husband was told he is getting orders for Germany but me and my 2 children can not go becuase my son is EFMP. It is only for acid reflex and he is doing better. the nurse said once we do our physicals and his Dr says he is ok to go she will approve it. Once this si done will they change his orders and will they let us leave with him. he is done with training on April 13th. Any advice would help!!!!!

  3. hi. i married my husband from novemb 2010. we not have Command Sponsorship. Army dont want signt paper. Can he do that, not give to us Command Sponsorship?

    P.S. we married in germany

  4. My husband is in the army and he may in the near future be sent to germany I have type 1 diabetes i wear an insulin pump. I admitt my blood sugars aren’t always under control but I rarely have to go to the hospital for my diabetes and only need to see the doctors every 6 months so do you think that would hurt my chances of going with him if he is stationed there?

  5. My husband and I were married in May. He is in AIT now and graduates in a couple days. They just gave him his orders and I was not on them. He has basically been getting the run around with multiple different answers as to what is needed to be done to get me to Germany with him. I do know that we need Command Sponsorship and I have to be screened through EFMP. Other than that we have no idea where to even start to get advice. Could anyone please help or give some direction as to where to start?!

  6. My Boyfriend and I just got married while he was on leave from Germany. He went back with stuff like my ID Birth cert. And ssc and hes getting the paper work started… But I read on here if aren’t on his orders when he was sent to Germany I won’t be able to go then? He said I would get orders to go over there after all paper work was finalized. Which means passport and plane ticket ect… Would be on the orders. I’m just confused on what I really need to be doing to insure that I get movEd to Germany. We’ve spent so much time apart…. I don’t want this process to take forever. to please email me if anyone could I’d appreciate it! 🙂

  7. My husband has been in Germany a few months. When he got stationed we decided I would not go but have since changed our minds. The Army paid to move me and my kids home from our post in the states. So my question is…will they pay to move our household goods and airfare to Germany if we get approved to amend his orders?

  8. my husband has been in Germany for two years, he came home on leave and BOOM, we are married. granted we have discussed all that I would have to do, so far I’m Enrolled in DEERS. I have My Military I.D. I’m enrolled in tri care prime. I have got my screening done. Waiting for approval. I guess my question is, I have no recent medical issues perfectly healthy Is there any reason I could be denied CSP? he only has one year left there, but he is willing to reenlist whatever it takes to get me there, so I don’t see that as an issue. Also paper work was started in july and its currently November still waiting and its took this long because I had no idea what stuff I needed and what needed to be signed. SO im just wondering if hes willing to reenlist WIll I be granted CSP? I wasn’t on his frist orders to Germany so will I pay for the move there if approved? (which isn’t a big deal) and Am I missing anything that I should be applying for? HELP! Thanksxoxoxx

  9. How long does it take for the army to get your plane tickets? I’m PCS’ing to Germany and we have everything done I am just waiting on my tickets

  10. I’m getting ready to PCS to Germany April 2016 but I’m pregnant and due Feb 28.. will my infant be able to go to Germany? What shots will she need as will and my 2 year old and i? My husband goes off to school Jan 10 so he will not be able to be here while I’m trying to get all this together so I can make sure we all fly over together. I’m not prepared to travel that far with my 2 year old and infant just yet I’m very nervous.. please help

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