Resources for Army House or Apartment Hunting

Last Updated on August 9, 2019

Trying to house hunt or find an apartment when you live in another town, state or country can be an overwhelming experience. Your first stop should be the housing office of the Army base you are PCSing to. Not only should they have a list of local apartments and realtors, they will also have a list of places you need to avoid based on how they treated Army families in the past. Also, if you plan to live off base, you must obtain “permission” first through this office.

Do not hesitate to try to meet other Army wives and find out about the area before you move. There are many message boards out there where you can meet other Army wives before you even move. Not only will you find out about the area, you could potentially make a new friend!

On Post Housing:

Army Housing

All About Your New Post (SITES):

Automatic Referral Housing Network houses on-post and off-post housing listings.
25% of the off-post listings are apartments, 45% are houses. Many of the landlords who post listings are either retired, affiliated or active duty.



Real Estate:

You can also search for the area’s Chamber of Commerce and then find the names of realtors in the Business Directory. This is also a great way to get information packets about your new home.

Chamber Listings

Chamber of Commerce


*This website does not endorse the above mentioned websites in any shape or form. They are listed simply as reference.

4 thoughts on “Resources for Army House or Apartment Hunting”

  1. Stacey:
    Thank you so much for posting this! I had NO IDEA that you could go to the housing office to get names of places you could live if you chose not to live on base. My husband has reenlisted, and he will be leaving to go back through OSUT in November. I have been very worried about finding housing that is suitable. This makes me feel SO much better!
    Thanks again!

  2. I recently got married when my husband was home for r&r from afgahistan. i honestly have no clue how to get on base when he gets home. where do i go and how do i make sure i have everything i need to get on base to see him when he comes home?

  3. Treasa jearolds

    My boyfriend and I are getting married in feb. of next year, but he is getting stationed In Alaska next month. Is there any way i will be able to live with him on post before we get married? feel free to email us at thanks and god bless

  4. Do you have to have a power of attorney in order to contact housing and get on the housing list?
    My husband and I are married but it’s impossible to get a poa while he’s in basic.

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