Sad To See This Facebook Group

Last Updated on July 24, 2019

Today, I was browsing through friends’ status updates on Facebook. One of my friends, who’s husband was KIA in Afghanistan, had joined a group for Pregnant Widows. It actually took my breath away when I saw the name of the group.

My friend found out she was pregnant just after her husband was killed. He had just been home for R&R and was killed shortly after. Just after she received the news of his death, she also saw that little plus sign on the pregnancy test.

At the time, I thought her situation was very unique. After finding the group on Facebook yesterday, I realized just how common it actually was.

I did visit the group but I didn’t dare join as I certainly don’t belong among these incredibly brave women who have not only dealt with the death of their husband but managed to support healthy pregnancies while dealing with all of it.

I sat in awe with tears in my eyes reading their posts on the group about how far along they were when their soldier was killed overseas.

It saddened me to think of how many children were never able to meet their dad. Never able to know the person who made such a massive sacrifice for his family and his country.

What I was completely amazed by was the utter strength and perseverance that these women possessed. Though I would never want to walk in their shoes, I wondered if I would possibly be able to deal with the situation in the same way.

I’m sure these women don’t always feel strong but they certainly are indeed. They are an inspiration to so many of us. I’m sure their husbands are watching over them with smiles on their faces about the kind of women they married.

To say kudos to these women feels wrong. But know that you are an inspiration and a source of strength.

The sacrifices that your family has made will not be forgotten and your Army family will stand by you always and help to ensure that your children know that their dad was an amazing person as well.

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