SGLI (Servicemembers Group Life Insurance)

Last updated November 24, 2022

Each soldier is automatically enrolled for SGLI or life insurance. The automatic enrollment is for $400,000.

A soldier can elect to have less or decline coverage altogether, though this is not advised. If the soldier chooses less than the maximum benefit, they must do so in writing.

The premium is $.06 for every $1,000 in coverage plus $1 for TSGLI. The premium is automatically deducted from his pay each month. It is up to the soldier to choose who the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the policy will be.

Spouses and children can also be covered under Family SGLI. The premium for spouses is based on the amount of coverage (up to $100,000) and the spouse’s age.

Coverage for dependent children up to $10,000 is provided at no charge.

It is important to note that this insurance coverage does not continue after the soldier is no longer on active duty. The soldier will, however, have the option to continue coverage under the VGLI program.

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