Sometimes the Army does have good timing…

I heard someone say today that her soldier is graduating from training tomorrow so he will have Valentine’s Day weekend free with her.

For whatever lucky reason, my husband seemed to always have big things happen on holidays.

He graduated from OSUT at Ft Benning on February 13th which meant we also were able to spend Valentine’s Day together. I didn’t really care so much about the holiday at that point, just that we were getting to see each other.

He graduated from RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) on April 1st. I thought up until the time that he donned his tan beret that it was going to end up as a huge April Fool’s joke!

For his first deployment, he returned home on the 4th of July! That one was pretty neat as the night before, I was with some girlfriends watching fireworks on the beach when we saw the first of their planes flying over to return home!

The third deployment, he returned on New Year’s Day. I later found out he was suppose to be home New Year’s Eve but the wings of the plane froze on the tarmac in Afghanistan so he was delayed. It was still a great way to start the new year.

Its kind of weird the way that it has worked out with holidays while he served. We certainly missed our share but we also learned that holidays are truly celebrated when we are together, regardless what the date on the calendar may be.

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