Tips for Moving to Korea

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Just wanted to give you a little update on a few things I’ve learned from our experiences preparing for a move to Korea…

First of all, the information that my husband was given at his brief was pretty thorough and complete.

It has been a huge help for us. I didn’t realize that moving to Korea would require 2 passports for myself and my children…one for official business and one for tourists. Both of these are paid for by the Army.

They gave us a website to go to, and then we printed out a page, filled it out, and took it up to some people on post who would verify it, take our pictures, and voila….we have passports. 🙂

Also, my husband and I have decided to sell both of our cars and use public transportation while we’re there.

My cousin (who lived in Japan for 2 years) told me to talk to my insurance company because she also sold her car when she went out of the country and when she came home, her car insurance doubled because she was considered an uninsured driver.

I didn’t realize this, of course, so we are being given a “beater” car that doesn’t run so we can have liability on it while we’re gone. This is a cheap way to keep up with our insurance and not worry about someone wrecking the car while we’re gone. 🙂

Just a few tips so far……

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  1. Hi everyone, I recently got engaged and will be getting married in January. My fiancé is stationed at Camp Carroll and told me he will be staying there another year so I will be moving there after we get married. Obviously I can’t go until I get certain things taken care of like changing my name and receiving my new passport and social security card. Can anyone give me advice/ a checklist on the things I need to make sure I get done ? I’m a big planner and would like to make sure I get everything done and not run into problems.

  2. Were moving to Camp Casey and my daughter is in 7th grade, I’m wondering if someone know about any info for school and how far from the housing?

  3. I just got the worst news ever.. My fiancé just told me that I will not be able to go to fort carroll korea because spouses are not aloud there.. but when I do research it seems like wifes can go. ( we are getting married a month before he leaves for korea) can anyone help me out?

  4. To Lisa

    I’m from Daegu. My husband is going to area 4 Daegu as well. Do you have track number? About your CSP? You have to have your track number that way you will find out it denied or approve. I wouldn’t do non command sponsorship because household weight, cars , kids school …etc. Daegu is great city! Very safe. Summer time very HOT and very humanity , winter time is VERY COLD. If you have more questions feel free to message me.

  5. Lisa

    Yes your daughter will be go the school. They have school in camp goerge (Daegu has camp Walker,Henry,goerge). They always looking for an English teacher in Korea.

  6. Brooke.

    Camp Carroll also in area 4.
    Yes he can bring you there as long as he summit CSP. They’re 91% capacity as of March 11 now. So you can go there just have to wait until CSP is approve.

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