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Just wanted to give you a little update on a few things I’ve learned from our experiences preparing for a move to Korea…

First of all, the information that my husband was given at his brief was pretty thorough and complete.

It has been a huge help for us. I didn’t realize that moving to Korea would require 2 passports for myself and my children…one for official business and one for tourists. Both of these are paid for by the Army.

They gave us a website to go to, and then we printed out a page, filled it out, and took it up to some people on post who would verify it, take our pictures, and voila….we have passports. 🙂

Also, my husband and I have decided to sell both of our cars and use public transportation while we’re there.

My cousin (who lived in Japan for 2 years) told me to talk to my insurance company because she also sold her car when she went out of the country and when she came home, her car insurance doubled because she was considered an uninsured driver.

I didn’t realize this, of course, so we are being given a “beater” car that doesn’t run so we can have liability on it while we’re gone. This is a cheap way to keep up with our insurance and not worry about someone wrecking the car while we’re gone. 🙂

Just a few tips so far……

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  1. Hi!
    Your story caught my eye because my son and I are planning on moving to Korea to live with my husband. I was wondering if you could tell me some more about it and how you like it so far?

  2. I’ve been in Korea with my husband for about 9 months now. We both got our tourist passports before he left; then while going through the CS process we were told I would need a gov’t passport as well. I got one but once I got here I was told I did not need it. I use my tourist passport for everything; it has all of my visa info in it. The gov’t one just takes up space in my desk.

    The biggest tip I can give would be to not stress about the move; it’s a long trip but so worth it in the end.

  3. As I am reading this story. I wonder why the military paid for two types of passports for the wriyter. I am here command sponsorship and all the military pays for is the families no fee’s passports. They do not pay for your vistor passports.

    Now with car insurance in Korea, the best place to go through is USAA and we have what is called a Hooptie it is an old car but our insurance is cheaper then it would be back home in the states. I’ve been in Korea now for over a year and staying here until 2012.

  4. Hi everyone! We finally got our RFO (still waiting for orders) to Korea! I’m curious how long it took you all to get everything ready to move because we only have one month until my husband graduates from his training here and I’m assuming the report date to Korea will be pretty soon after that. Is there any chance we’ll be able to go with him? We’re trying to get started on everything tomorrow (Monday) but most places are making us wait until we get actual orders. We are really excited though. Just hoping there’s no trouble getting command-sponsored. Thanks for the article. I’d love an update of anything that you wish you would have thought to do or anything you were really glad you did (or shouldn’t have) etc. Thanks!

  5. we are waiting to find out if we got orders for Korea….we did get our deros change….it was suppose to be later but when my husband requested for Korea to branch, they asked if sooner was okay….we replied yes….that has been changed but still no orders or notice Korea is the next duty station……question about passports…we have a no fee passport and when asked if that was acceptable if we pcs out, they said NO PROBLEM….i was told we didn’t need a tourist passport for pcs move…..we are planning to get one when we get there but we don’t have much time to apply for tourist passports……….another question, how long was the wait for orders…?…we will be pcsing from Germany and i’m hearing conflicting stories in how long it will take…with new deros date, we only have 3 month left…..will that be enough time for command sponsorship…..we really want to go as a family, knowing he won’t have much time while there to do all the paperworks….i think we are looking at Casey as our next duty station…again, no official word…but hubby is pretty sure we’re getting it…help!!..we are definitely looking forward to being there…

  6. hey hubby and i are in a similar situation with pcsing and still waiting on orders. we are dual military. i was wondering where your hubby will be stationed. hubby and i are supposed to be going in feb. 2011. it would be nice to have a connection. ashim if you wouldnt mind keeping in touch with me. via email. i ahve so many questions for you when you get there 🙂

  7. if anyone has info on how daul military works in korea i would be grateful for some incite. what should we bring? beds, couches, dressers, etc..? not sure exactly what we should do.getting so excited!!!!

  8. My husband received an assignment for Korea back in march. My EFMP paper work was completed. He got his orders in June to report in August unaccompanied, we applied for sponsorship but we have not received command sponsorship orders. So I am assuming I will not be command sponsored. So my husband will try to get it while he is there, if he dosesn’t I will go non-sponsored and try to get it while I am there. I am a teacher, does anyone know how to get out of a teaching contract without pcs orders? Is it hard to find a teaching position over there? He will be at Camp Henry, DAEGU. My nerves are shot from this uncertainty. One child will be traveling with me. Will she be able to get into school? What is the climate like? Should I bring alot of clothing? Should I bring more winter clothing or summer clothing?

    Please Help

    1. Korea is changing. they are making korea a more family friendly place….however right now they do not have a lot of school room. You should have received your orders. the problem with coming without them is you may not get full medical care and may not have room for your children in school. Daegu is a wonderf8ul place…camp carrol i assume. It is not really crowded like where we currently are(UIejongbu Camp Red cloud) U should pack for all season, it rains a lot and gets really humid, snows….although i am not sure the it snows a lot in the Daegu area. Area IV is way easier to get into school so the process should be faster. I hope I answered all your questions. Also i wouldnt wear anything “revealing” like string tops, to short shorts/ skirts.

  9. Hi,
    My husband is stationed at Camp Casey. He is in the process of doing our command sponership now. I am wanting to know about High School for our duaghter. Being that there is no school there what school will she attend, how far is the school from base, and do they have base housing there.

  10. Hi everyone,
    I am planning on going to Korea with my family. I am interested in any and all advice you may have on getting there as well as what to leave and what to take. Is there a message board or Facebook page or something of all the spouses in So. Korea?

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