Tips for Sending Care Packages Overseas

1. Get Mailing Supplies

Call the post office, visit their website, or go there in person and request your mailing supplies. The post office offers flat-rate priority boxes for free. No matter how much they weigh, it costs $17.10 to send the medium box and $22.80 to send the large box.

You can also pick up priority tape and customs forms at no charge. Or, to make it super easy, order a Military Care Kit, which will contain all of the supplies.

2. Arrange for Pick-Up

Always short on time? You can arrange pick-up of your priority boxes from your home as long as you schedule by 2 am on the previous day. How great is that? Visit the USPS website for details.

3. Pack It Tight

When you’re packing up the box, you don’t want to leave any pockets of room. Use gifts of clothing or socks to insulate other items and fill every available space.

If you still have extra space, start cramming in crumpled-up paper or packing peanuts. The goal is not to have the box rattle when you shake it!

4. Tape the Package Well

When you are taping the boxes, there’s no such thing as too much. I sometimes wonder how the soldiers were ever able to get into the ones I sent. Be sure to tape all of the seams and I always run the tape in one continuous stream around the entire box. So far, they have all arrived intact.

5. Place Stickers Strategically

Some Army wives place stickers underneath the tape across the seams. This makes it easy for the soldier to see if the box has been opened and re-taped. Just be aware that some units do not allow ANY decoration on the outside of the box. In that case, if you are mailing priority, you can use the priority mail stickers.

6. Use the Right Address

This seems it would go without saying but be sure you address the package exactly how the unit instructs. Some units do not allow rank, etc., on their packages. Address them correctly to ensure the delivery is not delayed.

7. Pick the Speediest Delivery

Many Army wives and families wonder if priority is the best way to send a package as far as speed. Priority only allows it to get to its final destination in the United States quicker. After that, it is in the military’s hands.

Most have said that priority packages take about two weeks to arrive vs. as much as four weeks for regular parcel post. The best thing about using priority mail is the flat rate boxes, so there are no surprises at the post office. And most of my packages sent priority actually made it within a week!

8. Complete the Customs Form

There is much debate on what to put on a customs form. The official answer is to fill it out completely and accurately.

Many people are VERY vague on the form in order to guard against theft (yes, it does happen). I know some who list “snacks” and a value of $10 every time, no matter what they send in the box. The choice is up to you.

9. Follow Regional Guidelines

Be sure to check the guidelines for the region your soldier is in. For instance, some areas do not allow pork products. Pornographic materials of any kind are also not allowed. It is permissible to send a Bible for personal use but not to send multiple Bibles for distribution. Note: This is only a sampling of regulations and not a full list.

10. Separate Food from Other Items

Be very careful combining hygiene products and food in the same package. Some soldiers have reported opening these packages to find all of the food tastes like soap/deodorant, even when everything is sealed separately. Sounds appetizing, right? 🙂

11. Seal Everything Well Inside

If anything in your package could possibly leak, bust, etc., be sure to put it in a Ziploc bag. You don’t want the entire package ruined because something leaked. If you are sending pictures or anything that could be damaged if the package got wet, it is a good idea to enclose these things in a Ziploc bag as well.

12. Include a List

Many send the soldier a list of things that they included in the box, either in the actual box or in a separate letter so the soldier knows everything arrived intact. Some also include this list in the box so that if it happens to come apart in transit, the mail staff knows what was in it.

13. Send Writing Materials

Send your soldier cards or letter-writing materials so he can write home or recognize special days for those in his family. Don’t forget that letter mail from overseas to the U.S. is free for the soldier.

14. Have Fun!

Be creative when sending packages. Be sure to check out all of the articles on care packages, including themes and other ideas!

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. Hi Stacey, Perhaps you can help me. I usually send the medium to large priority flat rate box. I pay $11.35 for the medium and the large is $13.05 for the large. I just called the U.S. Post Office in my area and they say that is their price. Where do you go to mail off a priorty flat rate box for $8.10?

    1. I just need to update the prices – amazing how much they have increased! You should be able to send the large to an APO address for $12.65 if you print postage online.

  2. Stacy

    My gardening group have collected goods and box up care packages but we are having a hard time finding individuals to send the packages. Do you have any ideas where we can obtain listing of soldiers that would like to have a package.

  3. In my town the post office gives us a $2 discount on the large flat rate box…it brings it down to $11-12 range, not sure on the exact rate. That’s regardless if you print the postage at home or take the box in physically. Best thing to do is just ask 🙂

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you might be able me with a question about mailing letters. I wrote to a soldier and accidentally put the soldier’s rank, and the city/country where they are stationed on the mailing address. This info was on the letter they wrote back to me previously. It was different than the initial letter I wrote to them– which didn’t have the city/country listed. It just had the APO. When I sent back another letter, I addressed it to the address he listed– the detailed one with his rank, full city/country name, etc.

    From what I’ve read, I made a mistake and should NOT have put the country/city. Does that mean that my soldier will not receive the letter?

  5. I have never sent anything to my boyfriend when he is deployed so I found this very very helpful!! He is about to be deployed for how long, I have no idea but will miss our first Christmas together so I am planning on making him a blanket and sending homemade sweets to him, hope he likes it!

  6. Thank you this is very helpful this is my first time sending a package overseas to heaven I miss him so very much

  7. I have a few questions to ask. Can you just send a soldier a care package just to do it or they have to be related to you? Where would I go to pick out a soldier if I can send a care package for the holidays? Is there certain times you can send care packages or send anytime you can?

  8. I just send a package to my nephew is the first time I send a care package and I ask at the post office and they told me they charge 17.40 for the large box where do you live that they charge $12 I spend $76 dollars for 5 boxes

  9. hello! I tried sending over a package to south Korea (where my spouse is currently) and I did fail to mention at usps that its going to a military base, it came up to $77 is that normal for a 7lb package or should I do flat box rates? This is my first time sending things to him so im unsure on how it all works to get a lower cost for shipping care packages. please help out!! thanks.

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