Tricare EXTRA

With this Extra, you don’t have to enroll or pay an annual fee. You do have to satisfy an annual deductible for outpatient care, just as you do under TRICARE Standard. The deductible and cost sharing work the same way for TRICARE Extra. In the TRICARE Extra program, when you receive care from a TRICARE Extra network provider, you get a discount on cost sharing, and you don’t have to file your own claims. You don’t enroll and may use TRICARE Extra on a case-by-case basis just by using the network providers. TRICARE Extra is not available overseas or to active duty service members.

Co-payment 5% less than TRICARE Standard
No balance billing
No enrollment fee
No deductible when using retail pharmacy network
No forms to file
You may use also TRICARE Standard

No Primary Care Manager
Provider choice is limited
Patient pays Deductible and Co-payment
Non availability statement may be required for civilian inpatient care for areas surrounding MTF’s
Not universally available
TRICARE Cost Comparison at a Glance
The following tables provide examples of cost-shares or co-payments for families who use civilian providers and facilities under each of the three TRICARE options. The listed fees are subject to change.

Choose any doctor in TRICARE Extra network
Less expensive than TRICARE Standard
Still may be expensive
Enrollment not required
Can still seek space-available care in military hospital, but at low priority

Helpful Hint:
Sponsors should ensure their family members have up-to-date uniformed services identification cards, and that they are properly enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

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