What Does It Mean to be an Army Parent, Part Two

as submitted by Lisa
My son Pv2Smith, is in BCT in FT LEONARD WOOD he left the 20th of August this has to be the most emotional roller coaster I’ve every been on his 20 got married in February 07 he has a son on the way in October 07  he has his heart on being here for the birth I pray he is  I know he wants a career with the Army .I’m extremely  Proud of him as well his father is we miss him every day . Pray all the time for him and all are troops are country . Are President to Guide us right , He’ll turn 21 on the 16th  that’s gonna be real hard we all ways celebrate, he is the 2nd child out of 4 he was always the one who would open the gift and if it could be took apart he did it just to see how it worked he would fix old tv, radio, remote control cars anything that had screws he took it apart , would put it all back 1 Christmas  I bought him a leap frog book that told stories he had it apart in 5 min setting there with parts every where me asking him why did you do that walked off went back in 5 min later he had it out all back he was 5 then so I knew he was about a challenge  . He’s our Hero here he‘s loved by all he meets he handsome tall and 3 generation of Military Family who held up the torch to continue serving our country . SO God be with them all and protect them night and day as they do us I will always expect to see him don’t know when but soon I hope Please pray for all as we do . I know there’s a chance he’ll go over seas and that might be the hardest  to deal with but where he goes   I go in love and spirit I all ways want him to know we are there with him not by sight but in love & memories we’ve got a lot   thanks for allowing me to email this site I cried doing this I do miss him so   Thanks Mother of Soldier Lisa Smith

As submitted by Ruth
Amanda the youngest of three & my only daughter.  Graduated from high school in the spring of 2006. She played softball & was on the cheer leading squad all through high school ran for Home Coming Queen, TONS of friends. Lived a dream that any girl would dram of having.

Then one evening that summer she came in told her step-dad & I she had joined the Army. She had done this all on her own. She knew that I would be against it. Just because we were in the mist of a war. She was leaving for basic training in two weeks. I put on a face that wouldn’t show how sad I felt inside. Knowing there might be a really good chance she would end up in Iraq.  She went through basic & her schooling with flying colors. Came home for two weeks for Home Town Recruiting. Went to Fort Polk, LA. I guess she was there a few days. Then I received a email from her telling me she was being deployed to Iraq at the end of July. I was right! She wrote “I knew I would be going before I came home but didn’t want to tell me to my face  I didn’t want to see the look on your face & watch the fears roll down your face”. She will be there for 15 months. So far she hasn’t had any type of trouble. THANK GOD!!!!!!! I don’t get to speak with her to often but I do get weekly emails from her. And I still cry daily just because she is so far away & knowing if something would happen to her I can’t get to her in a few minutes. She is doing what she thinks is right. Keeping our FREEDOM! I am very PROUD of her!!!!!!!!! This will make her a better person inside & out. I pray several times a day that God will keep her safe & bring her home to us soon. Matter of fact I pray that God will watch over ALL of the Military keeping them safe & bring them home to their families. I will never forget why all of our loved ones are there. That still doesn’t help me with missing her like I do.  I miss her so much!!!!! Some nights when I can’t sleep I will lay in her bed & cry myself to sleep. I have trust in God that he will see me through all of this & I know I will get to kiss her sweet cheeks & tell her how proud I am of her. May God bring them all home to their loved ones.   Best Wishes, Ruth

As submitted by Angelina
My son joined the Army at 17 years old. I always knew he’d go. When he was very young he would save his money to buy uniforms at the antique stores and wear the uniforms anywhere he could. His favorite was a Military dress coat that would practically drag on the floor but he would wear it to the grocery store and any other place he could. Watching him leave that day to bootcamp I cried so much but I couldn’t be prouder!! He and the others who join him are one of a kind. They cant be beat! Most people won’t go out to do what these soldiers do. They make the ultimate sacrifice! There aren’t enough words to express the pride I feel when I see, not just my own son but other soldiers. If I see one in a cafeteria I’ll offer to pay for his cup of coffee, maybe let one get ahead of me in line at the grocery store. Any way that any of us can help these men and women I know they appreciate it. I wish I was close to where my son is. He’s in Texas and will be deployed in February is what they’re telling him. I call his voicemail just to hear his voice. I thank everyone who has been good to my son and the other soldiers. God bless them all and keep them safe.

As submitted by Pat
I’d been a single mom for most of my son’s life, so we had a special bond. Even though he was married and had a child when he enlisted at 22, it was the hardest thing to hear from him. At this time in our country, I knew he would be going to Iraq. The pride and fear I felt waged a daily battle on which one would win that day. He’s in Iraq now, soon to be coming home after his 15 months. The fear hasn’t lessened, but the pride has grown so much. I try not to think of the bad things that could happen, even though they are always at the back of my mind, and try and think of all the good things that we’ll do when he comes home. Not only has he spent the last 3 1/2 years either in GA or Iraq, his wife and 2 children have been gone, choosing to live near the base. I’m so proud of my son for the beliefs he has and standing strong in them, but I’m also proud of my daughter-in-law. It takes a very strong WOMAN (she just turned 22)  to leave her home and family and raise 2 small children in a place she’s never been in while her husband is off in a hostile land.

As submitted by Jo
At the age of 31 I became a single mother to three little boys. We had our tough times and we had our happy times but through all this I never thought I would have a more challenging life ahead of me. At the age of 18 my youngest asked me what I thought about him joining the Army. With fear in my heart I answered him by saying “I’ll support you 100% if that is what you want to do.” In 2006, I became an Army mom. Always trying to be strong for my boys I stood tall while he left home to Ft. Knots for his training. On the day of Graduation, I couldn’t have been more proud of my son. There are no words to describe how I felt. Marvin was stationed in Ft. Hood after that in Killeen, Texas. After a few weeks he called me and informed me he was headed to Iraq. Still trying to be the tough one, I responded by telling him that God would protect him no matter where he was. Always keeping the trust and faith in God I didn’t
worry about it. I gave my son’s life to God that day and prayed for his safety. The day he was leaving to Iraq. Saying our good-byes was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Looking into his eyes, and he in mine, I couldn’t help but wonder if next time I saw him, will he be alive? The pain in my heart was like never before. Stayed strong and walked away. After walking two flights of stairs I couldn’t be strong anymore. My knees weakened, my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. I burst into tears. I wanted to run up the stairs, hold my son, and never let go. But being his mother, tough again, I had to just walk away. A couple of weeks after he left I thought, “How could I support not only my son but the whole battalion”. So I took it upon myself to adopt my son and his whole unit, The Equalizers. I organized a motorcycle run, sold cookie dough, ask for donations, saved my change. Did it all. I was able to personalize a care package or two to each soldier plus some for all. I sent over 160 care packages to my Equalizers. How proud of a mother I was, not just to my son but to all the Equalizers. They were my soldiers and I loved each and every one of them. Finally, it was time for my Equalizers to come home. Seeing the three white buses arrive, soldiers marching off the bus and forming a line. Tears of joy rolling down my face; it was like if God had opened the formation of soldiers just like he divided the ocean in two. There
he was in front of me, standing alone and standing tall. That was the happiest day of my life. I trusted in God, and God brought him home safe. It took a year before he informed me he was headed to Iraq on his second tour. My Equalizers left April 2009. I created a profile on myspace: lordshummingbird@yahoo.com, to communicate with my soldiers and to upload pictures for my Equalizers to view. On raising monies, this year it’s a little tougher. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but every pay check I purchase goodies and started sending them one by one a care package. With Gods strength, I will continue letting my soldiers know that they are appreciated, loved, and will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU SON, I LOVE YOU EQUALIZERS! I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU.

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  1. My son left Syracuse, NY today for Fort Benning. Nobody will tell me if he arrived or when I might get a call. He is SF/infantry. Can anybody give me an idea of when I should hear something. He did not take a cellphone, as was advised. Was this a mistake. would I be able to ship his phone to him.

    1. Unless something has changed, he can’t have his cell phone. I hope you’ve heard from him by now. Sorry for my delayed reply.

  2. My daughter left on February 12 2013 for army Basic Training. She is missed alot and is the first to leave our home. She did call and give me the address to write her. She is in Fort Jackson SC. We support her decision since she has always said she wanted to go to the army. This has been hard on our family because we only want to know that she is alright. But i havent heard anything else from her. This is a process for us to get use to. Its not like i can drive to the next city just to visit her and say I love you and i just wanted to see if you need anything like most parents do when their children leave home. But I trust that she is taken care of and i hope to hear from her ,just to hear her voice.

  3. My son joined the Army National Guard in May of 2006, he was 22 at the time. I completely refused to believe that he had joined.Why? I knew that there was the possibility that he could be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan during a war. He left for basic and ait at the end of the summer that year. I didn’t hear from him right off but since I married someone that was in the Army, I knew that was to be expected. He left a newborn daughter when he left but she was his reason for joining. In Sept of 2007, he was sent to Iraq, never in my life was I so scared of what could happen. I didn’t sleep, I was in denial that he had even left. He started calling me at 3 and 4am almost daily. It got to the point that I would wake up at that time every morning and wait on his call. He returned home safely in June of 2008, after a minor airplane problem (another worry). He has only been deployed to a combat zone once but has been activated for floods, tornado and snow removal duties. I’m just glad the stand by missions haven’t turned into being deployed or activated. The one thing I have came to realize is all military moms have a tendency to stick together no matter what. I can vouch for that fact as I met someone in my hometown that her son was kia in Afghanistan 4 years ago this coming up August. I refuse to ever let her down and not be there if she needs me.

  4. Thank you brave Army Moms for your words of hope and inspiration, and most of all, love for your children, who just like mine, joined the Army. It wasn’t what I wanted for my son, but I am proud of him, and I believe the Army will be good for him. He told me recently that he was very happy being in the Army, but he is still new to the experience too – just graduated from Basic Combat Training in January. I am praying, like you have done and will always do, that my son doesn’t come into harm’s way. Psalm 91 has always been good to me as a mother. I pray for all of you too and I believe God has us all in the palm of His great hands holding us tight.

  5. Army life is always going to be hard.When my husband first deployed it was horrible because we had one year old twins.Reign and Rick but, by the time he was back the twins were didn’t know him and cried there eyes out. He felt like he missed everything, It was a struggle

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