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What You Should Always Know About Your Soldier

To me, this seems like very basic information.

However, some questions I have received lately have me wondering how basic it is. The following items are things that you should absolutely know about your soldier.

If you don’t know these things, navigating the Army system will be difficult. You will also face delays if you ever need to contact the Red Cross to relay an emergency message to him.

Here is the list of items you should have memorized:

1. His full name and rank

2. His social security number (you need this for just about everything in the Army)

3. Where he is stationed. For example, Ft Bennning, Columbus, GA. I am amazed by the number of people who only know a state and don’t even know the name of the post!

4. His unit information, at least down to his platoon (team if possible, especially if his name is common). For example, 1/75 Ranger Regiment, A Co, 1st Platoon

5. His job (MOS) – For example, Infantry or 11Bravo

6. His address – for his unit stateside and overseas (if deployed)

This information is not optional for you to know. You need all of this information if you are an immediate family member of a soldier. Contacting him and relaying emergency information will be much easier if you know these six items.

As an Army spouse, I see many who say they don’t need to be so involved in his job – after all, it is HIS job. However, not knowing simple information, such as what I’ve listed above, is just irresponsible.

If he had a civilian job, you would know his company’s name, job title, and office location. This information is no different. To know this information, you don’t have to be “all involved” in his job.

So, find it. Write it. Memorize it.

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. Hello!
    One military man contacted with me on dating site!he sent me nice e-mails and we was writing on google talk!In his e-mail he told a story about him that where he is,what is his station,and unit but when I was sasking what is his MoS and identifire he asked from that did I’m a spy and if I’m i will die!He was suprised that I know few things about military things!i just told him that if you go online you can find many usefull information!How can I know he is real or just scam he sent me some pictures as well but I can not know it,s or fake!Could you help me tha how or where i can found out is this scam or not?

  2. I met sgt billy owens thru Facebook . He told me that his wife died from breast cancer and had cute daughter. How can I find out if he chat with women. He showed me the pictures of him and daughter. I tried to search on him but no luck . Hope that u would tell me. Thank you

  3. Im also talking to an Army man who is in Syria. He said the same thing that I would have to set up communication and pay 400 dollars. I didn’t but we talk on yahoo messenger daily. He wanted to take leave and he said his accounts were frozen until he got out of Syria. So I had to pay 850 to get him here. I did and somehow the Generals email got hacked and the money is gone.

    We were both upset. He now wants me to it again. I’m like no we will wait till you mission is over. Then his general tells me that he’s seing another wonan. He denies it and swears on his life he dosent know her. I told him I won’t send him any more money and that if he really loves me then he will wait. He said okay. Time will tell If he’s telling the truth.

    I learned the hard way so don’t make the same mistake I did. Be carful. Do your research on him.

    If anyone wants to talk you can email me at


    1. Please don’t send him any more money. This is a scam! There is no reason to be sending money to someone who is serving. They make more money overseas than they do when they are home. And IF we had anyone in Syria, they wouldn’t be able to tell you where they are.

  4. I am talking to a guy that says he is an army Sargent. He is also a ranger. We met on and he also has a facebook page. He emails me on outlook . com. He mentioned to me that I could ask for a leave for him when we get to know each other better. I asked if I would have to pay for this and he said No. I have already been through this with one trying to get me to send money is why I asked. I feel he is who he says especially since he has a facebook with some of the same pictures he has on match. He also has over 450 friends on his facebook he just opened in July from all over the world. We also text back and forth everyday. But I am reading on here that people are saying you do not have to ask for their leave. Now I am worried he is a scam. He did tell me he was widowed when his match profile said he was divorced . I understand that you could make that mistake when filling it out. He is 53 and went into the military at 30. Has 2 kids that are 23 and 25 so I thought maybe he was married, got divorced and then remarried and lost his 2nd wife. He is in Iraq . I know there has been a lot going on over there so I just haven’t been questioning him about it all. Now I am asking you all do you think this another scam cause I don’t want to waist my time if it is. But sure don’t want to blow it if he is who he says cause he sure seems like a nice guy. Asking for advice please.

    1. If he’s been in the military for 23 years and only attained the rank of sergeant, something is seriously wrong. 😉 There’s no such thing as you asking for his leave – it’s a scam. Also, Rangers aren’t typically deployed long enough to be granted leave – I’m married to one.

  5. Stacy I was wondering if there is anyway to check and see if they are actually military. He hasn’t asked me for money or anything. I have told him about one guy pretending to be in the military and was wanting money and I wouldn’t do it. Have also let him know that I do not bank online. I just don’t know what he would be after. We have been texting and emailing for about a month. Haven’t been hearing too much now. Just a few text a day. Which with everything going on in Iraq if he is not scam I would understand that. He also said he has been over there a little over a year and came home for his daughters graduation. Phyllis

  6. Well he told me the other day when I asked him that he was a staff Sargent and he has been in for 23 years..hmm. I also found him on another dating site along with facebook and match. Idk what is going on but I don’t understand how someone could be on 3 different sites under the same profile and not get caught. He also has some of the same pictures on each along with different ones.

  7. My husband is graduating basic and AIT September 26th I still haven’t gotten any call from him when can I be expecting a call? Also what time and when is the turning blue ceremony? After graduation is he allowed to leave with his family and go home if he doesn’t have further training? I’m new to this and don’t really know what to expect.

    1. He’s about to graduate and you haven’t heard from him at all? The date and time should have been included in the letter from the commander. Did you not receive this? If he’s completed training, he will then go to his first duty station. How much time he has before having to inprocess will depend on his command, etc. He should know this information once you’re able to speak with him.

  8. When a guy is overseas on deployment can he use his cellphone to text me when he has time or is it a scam? Plz let me know soon.

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