WLC Warrior Leader Course (formerly known as PLDC)

by Heather Harwood

My husband went to PLDC which is now called WLC at Fort Sill OK in 2006. For the most part he said it reminded him of basic but not so intense. You have the normal get up lights out routine and your wall locker always has to be in order so it’s very structured. You get weekends off sometimes but you are not allowed to drive at all and you are not allowed to go anywhere that sells alcohol. He said there is alot of classroom time (so get plenty of sleep because if you fall asleep it’s not fun), PT and testing. You also have to come up with and give a couple classes which you are graded on and you also have to give PT which you are graded on as well.

The hardest part for my hub was memorizing the NCO creed (this is required) we actually bought him a hand held recorder and he said the whole thing onto a tap and would listen to it while he was sleeping or while he was working out etc and it worked! The last week if I remember correctly they go out to Camp Eagle which is still at Fort Sill and here they do more PT type training. Basically WLC teaches them how to be a good NCO and a better soldier. My husband has been a sponsor to three guys who have gone after him and they all had a different experience so the above was just the basics of what it is. The best part though and I have been to a couple of them is graduation..it’s very intense or at least I think it is to hear them all at the same time say the NCO creed gives me goose bumps!

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