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Writing Letters During Basic Training and AIT

I hope you thoroughly enjoy holding a pen in your hand as this is your new lifeline to your Army soldier as an Army spouse.

One piece of advice – write every day.

My husband repeatedly told me that letters were like gold. It is their only tie to home or the outside world. After the first week or so, the letters were starting to feel forced.

So I just started telling him about my day at work. I also would send him jokes and copies of emails.

I would send him the “ESPN update” each Sunday with all the scores.

As long as they get letters, they couldn’t care less what they are about. It used to bore him to tears to hear about my job when he was home, but at basic, he was thrilled so long as it meant he was getting mail.

On writing not-so-positive letters…

One thing that there are contradicting opinions about among Army spouses is if all of your letters should be completely positive.

While I agree that you should try to keep them as positive as possible, don’t cover up your true feelings either.

If your car breaks down or the air conditioner at your home quits working, don’t tell him about it if you can help it, as there’s not a thing he can do about it.

But when it comes to your feelings, letting him know that you miss him and that you have a really hard day once in a while is okay.

Once during basic, I wrote my husband a very long letter about how hard the separation was and my feelings surrounding it. I did warn him in the letter that I was feeling depressed and told him if it would bother him not to read past a certain point.

After I mailed it, I felt horrible because I thought I was being selfish. But I received the sweetest letter in return with his reassurance. He later told me he was glad that I sent it.

Don’t make your soldier feel that you can’t function without them, but it is nice to know that it is harder without them around, and they are missed. You don’t want them to think you’re just living it up without them.

Don’t slack off just because basic is over!

When my husband was in OSUT, basic training ended when he came home for two weeks for Christmas Exodus.

Once they returned, they were in the AIT phase. My husband told me that their mail decreased dramatically after the Christmas break. Don’t let this be the case with your soldier! I still continued to write every day.

Mail call…

They typically only have mail call a couple of times a week. Because of this, ensure you date or number each letter so they can read them in sequence. If you’re writing every day, your soldier should get several at once!

During my husband’s AIT, they had a mail call one day, and he asked one of the guys to get his for him because he was shining his boots. The guys came back up in a few minutes and said they only had 10 letters to pass out, and 5 of them belonged to my husband. But he said he was thrilled!

Many drill sergeants will have the soldiers do push-ups to get their mail. Some moms and wives have emailed me to tell me they feel horrible about causing their soldiers to do so many push-ups. Well, no need to fret.

First, I’m sure your soldier is thrilled to do his push-ups if it means he’s getting mail. Second, he is going to have to do push-ups regardless, all during his training, so it may as well be for something positive.

If he’s not getting mail and, therefore, not having to do push-ups during mail calls, I can promise you the DS will find another excuse for him to get down and push!

So go out shopping and invest in a nice pen, a roll of stamps and a pack of paper. Your soldier will never be so happy you decided to spend money!

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. My boyfriend is in basic training at fort benning. I forgot to put the red dot at the bottom left hand corner of the envelopes. Does this mean he wont get my letters? Or will they just mail them back and make me put it?

  2. I’m wondering my son told us to put a blue triangle in the left hand corner of his envelopes! What does this mean?

  3. Hi my name is Claudia my boyfriend called a week ago saying he wasn’t receiving my letters he thought it was something bad. I’ve been sending letters everyday and he said he hasn’t gotten anything in 6 days before he would get them but then it just stopped getting to him. How can I find out if he is getting my letters I don’t want him to worry again

  4. Ok so my husband is out of reception and started boot camp on February 2nd. He called that day (I’m sure it was the call that he gives his battalion and address, etc) and I missed it. He said in voicemail that if get a packet. So does this mean I need to wait til I receive a letter from him or get the packet before I’ll have an address to send his letters to? I’m probably just being impatient. Ha! And how long does it usually take before the packet arrives? Thanks!

  5. my boyfriend recently went into army reserve basic training in Fort Leonard wood, Missouri. I have been receiving his letters unfortunately there has not been a return address on any of the letters, I was wondering if there was any other way I could get the address online or something.

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