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In the early years of the website, I spent many hours a day responding to emails. And I loved being able to connect personally with everyone who emailed me.

But you know how it goes – soon it was so overwhelming that all I did was answer emails and that left less and less time to provide information to everyone else.

With a public email address, I was also inundated with spam from publishing my email address out to the world.

This has made it difficult to weed through the hundreds of emails to find the real ones from all of you.

I am MORE than happy to help anyone who needs assistance – all you have to do is ask.

I will do my absolute best to try to find the information or just share my own advice.

How to Contact Me

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I have to approve each comment before it appears and I do my best to answer any questions as I’m doing that.

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Here’s my email address. As I stated above, it’s probably the least efficient way to get in touch but I’ll still do my best to respond.

No promises I’ll find you through the spam. 🙂 The three other ways above really are best!

You can also complete the form below.

What’s the quickest way to get a response?

Please message me on Facebook through the Married to the Army page. That will be the easiest and quickest way for me to respond.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Hi! This might be a complicated question and I am not sure if you can answer it, but no one is giving us any answers, and my head is spinning and we are really scared right now. My husband failed a PT test in December, then he failed his retake in January (this is the first time in almost a decade long career he has failed one, let alone 2). They started the chapter paperwork, and they keep telling us we are waiting on JAG. This would make us so nervous if it wasn’t for the fact that we are less than 70 days from PCS. I know that we can PCS with a PT failure, but what about with the chapter paperwork in progress? Are they going to move us to our new station just so they can turn around and approve the chapter and then we have to move…AGAIN? And if he passes his 2nd retake in April (which he will…) then will they just drop the whole mess and let us PCS with out any fuss?? We are prepping our self’s for the worse right now and hoping for the best, but like I said his chain of command has not kept us informed about ANYTHING- the just keep telling him, “we will tell you something when we know something”. It is frustrating and worrisome. Please any advise at all would help, or anyone who is or has experienced the same. Thanks!

  2. I was told that there is a banquet at my boyfriends basic training graduation at Fort Leonard Wood. This might sound silly but I was wondering what you wear to this type of event? I want to dress appropriately. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide in answering my question. 🙂

  3. Yes ma’am, my wife and I moved into a house on fort Gordon. I’m active duty, and my wife leaves for active duty in June. They told me I might lose my house and have to move back into the barracks. Is this true? I have a dog and a lot of furniture, and I don’t want to give the dog away. I thought married people got to live in housing. And there are plenty of people that live by themselves while their husband/wife is away. Can you help at all? Thank you

  4. My boyfriend of 3 years has been gone since January for basic and AIT. He will be coming home for 14 days in May and we want to get married before he leaves to be stationed in Germany for 3 years. What can I do to help me make my decision on if I want to go with him? Also, what is the moving process like for me? Would I get to leave with him or would I have to stay behind for a little while?

  5. I have a scammer claiming he is in the military etc, who do I report it to? secondly can it be traced, as I have been approached by quite a few on one particular Flirt site. I really would like to see them traced and maybe even some justice done, as these people are preying on vunerable , kindhearted, trusting people and also getting what look like convincing military pictures. I am aware it is probably too big an ask to catch even this one, I can not just fade away and ignore it without trying though.

  6. I got a email from the sight ‘do u like’ from a man that claimed he is a military soecial unit ! And that i was beautiful, yada yada . He after talking to me for a week he asked me to respond to this email ti get a special phone for him costing 500.00 i asked him where was his money, and he said they dint get money till their tour of duty is over, i ptetty much know after reading some stories that its a scam I almost fell for it. What questions should i ask him? he says he has 6 mo left in kuwait.

  7. hi my name is rachael and i have a few questions for you. i met this soldier about a month before he went back to texas and then over to afganistan. at this point it seems we are both confused were our relationship stands, and now he is in afganistan i dont want to put more stress on him on trying to figure that out . so we talk on the phone when he can and we have so much in common but nothing to talk about on the phone which just makes it akward especially if i new we were dating i would have atleast alittle more to say . so i have known him for almost a year now and he has been in afganistan for 3 months and i found out that a sargent he new just passed away. i really would love to be there for him but i dont know how because we really dont know each other well enough. if you have any advice i would greatly appretiate it thank you!

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